The Cyberpunk Issue — Pull Quotes from MONDO 2000 Issue #1 (1989)

A cyberspace experience might be a simulation of an entirely imaginary world as long as the space is physically lawful and self-consistent. Autodesk


Bush doesn’t want us to know whether he’s telling the truth of lying, but he wants us to be sure he’s not stoned while doing it. Robert Anton Wilson


McLuhan seemed to be giving permission for youth culture, rock & roll, and post-print libidinal tactility to finally, mercifully dismantle linear stuffed-shirt Western Civilization. Terence McKenna


Gibson has produced nothing less than the underlying myth, the core legend, of the next stage of human evolution. Timothy Leary

His females are shaman ladies, sophisticated wizards, playful, humorous, hip diviners. Timothy Leary


Burroughs found 50’s science fiction and used it like a rusty can opener on society’s jugular. William Gibson

McLuhan’s revenge. Media monsters . . . the worst street gang you ever ran into were, at the same time, intense conceptual artists William Gibson

I think America is ready for a female lead who beats the shit out of everybody. William Gibson

I’ve got the beta-phenethylamine. When that hits the street, watch out! William Gibson


If you live in Iowa and watch Dallas every week, you tune into Max and you think you’ve got some Russian satellite station! Max Headroom creators Peter Waag & Steve Roberts

Television is the greatest cyberpunk invention of all time. It is, at once, magnificent and horrific. Max Headroom creators Peter Waag & Steve Roberts


It’s about facing the edge in the arena of the Pacific Ocean and the only way to face the weird challenges is to freestyle. Rudy Rucker

Cellular automata are essentially flicker cladding. Plug it into the brain stem and show thoughts or TV images. Rudy Rucker If you value information the most, then you don’t care about convention. It’s not, “Who do you know?”; it’s “How fast are you? How dense?” Rudy Rucker


I give the Silicon-based Diskpensation to the Carbon-based entities. St. Silicon


A wire is stuck into the pleasure center of your brain while someone is vivisecting you; you just chuckle and reel them out a length of your intestines. John Shirley

… a futurological Tarot deck of spirits of the urban wilderness. I’m connecting shamanism , computer technology, subatomic physics and the collective unconscious.


The original hackers didn’t break security just to be naughty. Richard Stallman

Making people feel guilty about something as natural and loving as sharing a program with your neighbor is a sad thing. Richard Stallman


Sure, I do stuff that’s like MTV video, flash imagery — but with a sting in the tail. Bruce Sterling



All MIDI has done is empower a whole new generation of Dreckmeisters. Todd Rundgren

that’s hacker’s machismo — like being a survivalist living in a tent , running deer down and biting them in the neck. Todd Rundgren



A drug that has aphrodisiac side effects . . . has more trouble getting past the FDA than a carcinogen. Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw

. . rumors about six-year-old mice at NIA. ”… this is the most important piece of information on aging in the past two decades.


One way or another we are going to get superhumanly intelligent creatures, It would be nice if we could be participants. Vernor Vinge

When a race succeeds in making creatures that are smarter than it is, then you’ve gone through a Singularity. Vernor Vinge


Suddenly the Earth Coincidence Control Office (ECCO) removed my penis and handed it to me. . . I shouted , “Who’s in charge up there , a bunch of crazy kids?” John Lilly

I came back wanting to put on radiation suits. This planet is not very stable ,   It can be destroyed at any time.



… a punked-out John Wayne on a pogo stick , Harlan Ellison apologizing , or the Beaver in mirrorshades, Ward and June in drag. Brooks Landon

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