ADAM PARFREY American’s Greatest Underground Publisher 1957 – 2018

Feral House has announced that Adam Parfrey has died. This is a total and terrible shock. No cliches about Resting In Peace or In Power would suffice with Adam, a unique among uniques. Speechless.

We’ll keep adding links to tributes and more commentaries below

Adam Parfrey Dies: Feral House Publisher, Author and Editor of Forbidden Knowledge, Deadline

Feral House Publisher, Adam Parfrey, RIP, Boing Boing

Adam Parfrey, RIP, The Feral House publisher exposes American minds to wide variety of fascinating and often disturbing culture, Reason


One thought on “ADAM PARFREY American’s Greatest Underground Publisher 1957 – 2018”

  1. Adam Parfrey wasn’t only a fearless and principled publisher, he was just as fearless and principled a friend, who time and again stood up for his friends in ways that put him at risks he could have easily avoided and no one would’ve blamed him. He did that without anyone asking him and without any expectation that they do the same for him. He was among the best, most admirable people I ever knew or even ever heard of. God bless you Adam, I live you and I miss you. The world must miss you.

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