Punching A Nazi (Video)

Punching A Nazi

Creosote Cowboy

R.U. Sirius – Charlie Verrette – Acatelysteleven

Musical Production Daddy Phriday & Creosote Cowboy

Video by Daddy Phriday

with vocals from Acatelysteleven

lyrics by R.U. Sirius (w. help from Acatelysteleven

Killing an arab
Punching a nazi
Albert Camus won’t
Bring back the Stasi
Kissing a baby
Pinching a lady
Oh Mr. Mansplain
You so crazy

Banning an Arab
Punching a nazi
Even Ayn Rand was
Never this bossy
Dating a Barbie
Making a killing
Those were the days
Oh wasn’t it thrilling

Killing an arab
Punching a Nazi

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